Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Coaching

Coaching literally means transporting someone from one place to another.

Will I Have to Take Time out and Travel to Your Premises?

No, to save you time and money, Anne-Marie offers a face-to-face call by Skype. This provides flexibility for you, wherever you’re located.

Do You Offer a Worldwide Service?

Yes, with Anne-Marie’s service, worldwide support is available via Skype or ask us about our on site services via our contact page.

What If I Don’t Know What I Want?

Excellent! The beginning is always a great place to start. Your first interaction with us can help you with this if you choose.

Can Your Services Assist Me with Developing My Business?

Yes, most certainly. This is an area Anne-Marie specialises in. Having worked with small- to medium-size businesses for over 30 years, she’s an expert in changing cultures, procedures, and technologies.

Can Your Services Help Me Develop Better Relationships?

Yes! This is what Anne-Marie thinks life is all about and she wants you to enjoy your relationships.

Can Your Services Help Me with Where My Life Is Going?

Heck yes! Most definitely, as the name suggests, we help you Transform-Change your life.

To learn more about her Transformational Coaching, contact Anne-Marie now.